About Licorice Extract

LLC "Licorice Extract" Company has been producing herbal extracts since 2014.

Our products are mainly used in confectionery, food and beverage, cosmetic industry, metallurgy, fire safety and the preparation of drugs.

At the core of our business philosophy is the company's Golden Rule: "We offer only the highest quality products at the lowest price." Since the quality of the products is very important for us, we use only high-grade raw materials and licorice roots.

All of our equipment is made of stainless steel "AISI 304".

Licorice Extract LLC cooperates with scientists from top institutions to research herbs and new methods of extraction.

Supplying high-quality, organic, and non-GMO extracts we keep our prices at an affordable level.

Licorice Extract LLC reaches the highest quality of the products by using only the best raw materials and equipment for herbal extraction. It should also be stated that we are greatly concerned about the environment.

The manufacturing technology that we apply is advanced and wasteless. After all the needed components are extracted, the remaining parts of the roots become either fuel or fertilizer.

LE Company is a reliable partner. Our company is ready to consider any business offer. We can deliver our products to any country in the world.


LE Company strongly believes that there is nothing more important than the safety aspect of the products.

Our inspectors monitor the growth and gathering process of licorice roots.

We then not only test the raw materials by our own lab instruments but also let the leading laboratories in Tashkent subject them to a broad range of testing, to ensure that critical parameters, such as level of actives, heavy metals content, pesticide residues, residual solvents and microorganisms all conform to the most stringent global standards.

The company doesn’t use the roots until it makes sure that they meet all the international standards. After the extraction we repeat the process of checking.